Proud ownerright side300 from the rear left side see thru grips missing coverenforcing knucklesgun scope headlight

These are pictures from the 1st C.A.V. show at CFB Kingston on May 1st 2010. The first public showing of HOTZONE.

Never forget.

First Start First Ride Chao baby! 2nd gear and gone 11kms and WOW

This custom motorcycle was built by Paul Flowers and Wayne Thomas from Wayne’s World Polaris in Bancroft Ont.  Approximately 2000 hrs and almost 2.5 years of Sundays were spent creating this custom.  The bike is a 2005 Victory Vegas and was purchased in November of 2009.  It was immediately rolled from the showroom floor into the back of the shop and customized into the machine that you see before you.  Front and back fenders, clutch and brake lever, hand grips, foot pegs, C7 magazine replica risers, V style handle bars, gun scope headlight and speedometer assembly, brake pedal / shifter and exhaust including heat shields were all made by hand.  Tools such as a grinder, hacksaw, saws all, dremel, hand belt sander, small milling machine and an 80 year old lathe were used to construct the parts. The gas tank was chopped to give a stretched look, the swing arm and front drive sprocket was modified to fit the massive 300 rear tire.  The frame was tailored to display more of the engine that was upgraded from a 92 cubic inch to a 106 cubic inch.  This project took life after my tour to Afg, thus the reason for some of the personal customized parts.  A great deal of appreciation goes to a close friend and a great listener Mr. Wayne Thomas, for without his excellent technical expertise this piece of art would never have transpired.  Many stories and great times were ventured in creating this one of a kind ride, try building one your self some time, you’ll love it, keep the rubber side down and see you on the open road.   
Yours truly
Paul Flowers

finished with machine gun exhaust  what a view!  covers installed